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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Surprise Party


My mom turned 50 years old today.  To commemorate this milestone I decided to throw her a surprise (ladies only )luncheon.  The Posh Pauper is one of my her favorite boutiques in town and the garden outside can be rented for Garden Parties.  It was a great day and I think that she enjoyed herself and was extremely surprised.

DSC_0282 The tables were set with china on a polka dot place mat and iced tea glasses. 

I found the polka dot place mats at the Dollar Tree along with the ice tea glasses.


The table decorations were orange flower pots with old fashioned candy and metal flowers.


there were wild flowers and bright colored table clothes.


Crab Sandwiches, Turkey roll ups, fruit salad, and an assortment of Organic sparkling drinks.

DSC_0287 The birthday girl received very many thoughtful gifts from her sisters, mother, mother-in-law, and me!


My favorite wrapping job was done by The Posh Pauper!


This cute package had little garden ornaments on it!


One of her favorite gifts was this lawn ornament, it was given to her by her (five) sisters. She also received a very cool angel from them (she collects angels).


Overall I think that mom had a very good time! Thanks everyone for coming, it really was special!


  1. Surprise! :) You surprised your momma and I'm surprising you! But, I'll bet your party was a lot more work. hee hee

    I hope you meet many new blogging friends today.

    Love your colorful blog.

  2. By the way, your momma is super cute. :) I love her smile.

  3. That was really thoughtful to throw your mom a special party like that. It looks like she loved it. The decorations were so pretty, bright and colorful. Nice job.

  4. From Lynnette's. Wow! That party looks great! So bright and cheery!!

  5. Visiting from Lynnette's.
    You take awesome pictures! What a wonderful surprise for your mom!

  6. I so love all of the bright colors and you captured them perfectly. Lynnette was correct. How do you get your pictures so big? Please please share with us.

  7. Visiting from Lynnette's blog. What a COLORFUL BEAUTIFUL table setting. I am in love with it! Can I come over? hehe

  8. Stopping over from Lynettes today, I love your photography!

  9. I'm stopping by from Lynnette's blog. Your blog is super cute, and I love love love the pictures! You are an awesome photographer!!

    Have a great Monday!

  10. What a beautiful surprise party for your Mom! I love surprising my Mom with things. I am visiting from Lynnette's Getting to Know you. I love all your photographs.

  11. I am stopping by from Lynnette's "Getting to Know You" to say Hi. Congratulations on being featured today!

    Your pictures are just beautiful and what a wonderful surprise for your mom.


  12. What a cool party! What a wonderful daughter to do this for your momma!!!!!

  13. Hi! I'm visiting from Lynnette's GTKY. Congrats on being featured today! What beautiful photos!

  14. What a wonderful gift you gave your mom, the party must have made her very happy to be surrounded by those she loved. I love angels to and i really loved your moms angel lawn sign, will be on the search for that. Oh by the way im visting from Lynette's blog and love your photos xxxx


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