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Friday, March 27, 2009

My Hubby

Meet my One True Love:
My Hubby is one of the sweetest most thoughtful men I think I have ever known. He is a great daddy to my two beatiful children, he provides for us in everyway possible, and he does thoughtful things for me whenever he gets the chance. My birthday is coming up on April 1st. Not many of you know, but he works for Cal-Fire in Willits CA. He has to go to administrative training next week and will be gone on my birthday. We are celebrating tonight by going out at a french restaraunt named Le Petite Rive. Instead of taking my presents to the restaraunt, my hubby decided that I should open them this morning. His father is a fine woodworker (Tom McFadden Furniture) and Cam has learned how to make beautiful furniture and houshold items. He made me a beautiful cutting board (photos to come later), and rolling pin. He also bought me a Nikor 55-200 mm lens for my Nikon D40x. I am so spoiled and blessed by this man. He is one of a kind! I love him.

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