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Thursday, August 26, 2010

{You Capture} Outside



I could hardly wait for this weeks theme over at I should be folding laundry You Capture.  Outdoors. Who doesn’t love the outdoors?  We had some beautiful weather here the last two days. we were loving the 75* heat.  Climbing trees, skinning knees, and having an all around great time.


Mr. Moo usually have dirt and scrapes and scratches on his knees from playing outside. If there is a pile of dirt anywhere this kid finds it and is in it instantaneously.



Outside light is the best for photographing babies. The Peanut was loving laying on his blanket in the sunshine. Mommy was loving the yummy natural light to photograph her beautiful baby in.

As for Little Fire Chief, well, he’s too fast to capture when he’s playing outside.

Have you been taking photos outdoors this week?  Please share with us over at I should be folding laundry.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

{54,55,56/365} Soccer Practice

Little Fire Chief is playing Soccer again this season. He started practice two weeks ago. His coaches are two ladies that I have known a very long time. They are GREAT!! 

DSC_0476-copy-2I mean check him out. Who is this kid? Last year he wouldn’t have had that stance waiting in the goal area! I am very happy with his progress, and he is too.

DSC_0465-copy  Mr. Moo wants terribly to be out there playing with him.  Yes, that’s him watching intently as Little Fire Chief practices.

DSC_0489-copyAs for Peanut, well, he just lays around and smiles at mommy while the big boys play.

I would love to hear what you have all been up to!


Welcome Baby

I am so blessed to have such a talented friend. Nichole of ONELife Photography helped us capture some of the sweetest memories we will ever experience in our lifetime.

I want to share some of those memories with you today since I have not yet done so.

 IMG_8736    IMG_8819IMG_8900 IMG_8838 2IMG_8920

Thanks Nichole for being there to welcome our little Peanut into the world and giving us the wonderful gift of lasting memories.  


I Heart Faces: Beach Fun


I had the privilege of shooting some maternity photos for a wonderful family a couple of months ago.  We decided on some beach photos around sunset.  Here is one of my favorites from the shoot which also happens to correspond with the theme over at I Heart Faces this week.


Head on over to I Heart Faces and share in the Beach Fun!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

{50,51,53/365} Two

 DSC_0403-copy DSC_0377-copy

Two Years old and full of spunk! Mr. Moo is such a fun loving little boy.  He wants to be just like his big brother, but yet, is so different. The sweatshirt that he is wearing is Little Fire Chiefs. He was thrilled to be wearing it. 


2 Months Old. Peanut is discovering more and more each day. He finally can put his thumb in his mouth voluntarily!

What have you been capturing?


Friday, August 20, 2010

{We Picture This}Flowers

we picture {this}



This was a fun shoot with a couple of friends of mine. I just love the sunflowers!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

{44,45,46,47,48,49/365} Playing Catch Up

Wow where does the time go?  I’ve been super busy taking care of baby, running Little Fire Chief to soccer practice, shooting family sessions, eating in beautiful restaurants (Le Petite Rive), and photographing my first wedding. I’ve been taking photos but have had barely anytime to edit them. So here are a few to catch up.

DSC_0190-copy DSC_0201-copy

These first two are from our favorite restaurant. Le Petite Rive is just beautiful and the owners are fantastic! They serve water out of the wine bottles pictured above and. The sorbet that is pictured was mango, YUM!

DSC_0255-copy DSC_0194-copy-3 DSC_0209-copy-2

These next three are from a recent family session with some friends of mine. The C Family was so much fun to photograph! Look at their beautiful baby boy!! He is a month older than Little Peanut.


and just so you all don’t scream at me, here’s one of Little Peanut (well sorta anyway) playing in his bouncer. The giraffe is his favorite. He has an elephant hanging on there too.

Well it was fun catching up.  I will try to be more consistent. I can’t promise anything though. Being a mom of three is hard work.


Saturday, August 14, 2010


I was hired to shoot my very first wedding, and it was (F-U-N) Fun!!  I cant wait to share more but here are two I’d like you all to see. . .

 door flowers

love is amazing!


Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have been a very busy photographer the last few days. As some of you already know, I am in the process of building a portfolio in hopes of opening a legitimate photo business soon.

I am looking forward to shooting my very first wedding this coming Saturday. I put together a Facebook business page and the same day it was up, a very nice couple called and asked what my wedding pricing was. I was not even going to venture into the wedding realm until I had done some Child, Family, and Maternity sessions, but I guess we should just jump in with both feet right?

Allow me to share a few from a recent (portfolio building) family session.

kissingkidskids-and-hands-webkids  train-tracks


The M Family was a lot of fun to photograph. The kids are beautiful. Mom and Dad are amazing. Just a good wholesome family. Thanks guys for a great session!


Monday, August 9, 2010

I Heart Faces: Surprise


If this doesn’t say surprise, I don’t know what does!


Head over to I Heart Faces for some very cool surprises this week.


Friday, August 6, 2010


A couple of Little Peanut. He’s 7 weeks old. Can you believe he’s already 7 weeks old? Time just slips away doesn’t it?

eyes2-web bath-web

Hubby wanted to get in on the 365 fun and took some photos of plants in the back yard. Check out his work!

sprout web dew-drops dew-dropweb flower-web

Aren’t they just breath taking? I didn’t know he had such raw talent. *Swoon*