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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Special Delivery

My package for Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap came yesterday! Helga from Just a Thought is so thoughtful, and has some very cool favorite things. My grandfather passed away tuesday last week and I have been somewhat busy with preparations and looking after my grandmother so I have yet to drop her package in the mail, however intend to do that today and it should arrive this week. she couldn't have sent me better things. This package definitely brightened my week. So take a look at what she sent me! :0)
All the things she sent me!
Mmmm, Parmesan Goldfish, Yummy! Raspberry Tea (my favorite flavor too) and a Coffee Cup from Starbucks (my favorite coffee store too)
Auto Bingo (this will come in handy this summer in the car) Artist Journal from Starbucks and "Redemption" by Karen Kingsburry with Gary Smalley (how did she know I like Focus on the Family?) God Bless,


  1. FANTASTIC!! i am so glad that your package came and brightened your day. my thoughts are with you and your family during your time of loss.

  2. You got some fabulous things! I love the coffee mug and artist journal from Starbucks!! The Auto Car Bingo would be a fun thing for road trips!

    Sorry to hear about your grandpa. I'll say a prayer for your family during this time of loss.

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting me:) My thoughts and many prayers are with you and your family...even though my grandfather past away nearly 2 years ago, I still miss him very much because we were extremely close. As for our new home, I will most certainly post pictures of it! Hopefully sometime next week when we actually in there and somewhat settled I will get some taken. Things are still a mess right now..not good for picture-taking:)

  4. Sounds like your package came just at the right time. :o)

  5. glad you liked everything, I loved my box as well... sorry for the delay in response, just got home from my business trip today :)


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