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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

rub a dub dub

A baby in the tub!

DSC_0411 copyMr. Moo has been enjoying his baths so much that hubby has been letting him stay in for an hour or more.  I decided to take advantage of this with a little photography.

DSC_0415 copy  He loves his foam letters and numbers. He says “one!” enthusiastically every time that anyone counts out loud. Thanks to these fun bath toys he also has learned almost all of his colors. His favorite is yellow.

DSC_0417 Blowing the bubbles around is also a favorite bath time game. I bet you can’t guess who taught him that! Ha!

DSC_0423 copy The boy definitely has some serious facial expressions. He makes this face almost every time his daddy leaves. It’s almost as if he were mad at me for it.

DSC_0427 copy Of course he also makes cute faces!  Mr. Moo is a very happy, well adjusted toddler and we love him dearly.

DSC_0448 Of course he loves us too, just about as much as he loves his bath.  It’s so fun to watch him play. It’s amazing how many activities boys can find to do with water and bubbles.

DSC_0457 Pouring is one his favorite things. He does it in the water, with his toys, with beads.  He has started pouring water from one part of a toothbrush holder to another.

DSC_0442Mostly, he just likes his bath.


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