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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Space: The final frontier

On our first excursion in Florida we took the boys to Kennedy Space center. We got to see the building where NASA prepares for shuttle launches.

DSC_0113I was in awe.  I love all things space.  Little Fire Chief was ecstatic.  He has become obsessed with Star Wars and thought it was amazing that he actually was looking at real space shuttles.

DSC_0119 copyThere was a 4 part bus tour that drove passed the launch pad.  We got to explore some pretty interesting things.  This is just a small glimpse into what we saw. Look at the size of the rockets. They were enormous.

DSC_0120 copy  He thought that he had landed on the moon with Wall-E as his pilot. I don’t blame him.


This tribute to past astronauts was amazing.

DSC_0126 We even got to take a peak at the room where they assemble parts for the International Space Station. There will only be five more launches and the center will be complete.

DSC_0130 The only photo I could get of the boys was one where Little Fire Chief wouldn’t even look at the camera. I will post it for good measure, but am not happy with it at all.

DSC_0125 If every visiting Florida again, this will be top on the list of things to do.

Until then, God Speed.


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