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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Heart Faces: Flowers


Having boys, I don’t have many opportunities to take photos of faces and flowers. However, in April my sister-in-law got married.  I have some photos of her holding her flowers.  I had a really hard time deciding which one I liked the best but kept coming back to the same photo.  I just can’t help but love the umbrella as well as the flowers in this shot.


She made the most beautiful bride didn’t she?  She took everyone’s breath away, and was amazingly fun to photograph. Now please, by all means, head over to I heart faces to see what else is in bloom this week.



  1. Love it..Good job at shooting her. She is beautiful.

  2. Ooh, LOVE the umbrella! Beautiful shot!

  3. Oh wow! I just LOVE this photo! Amazing job! Oh gosh, such a beautiful photo!

  4. Beautiful photo and beautiful blog..........following along now! Hope you'll stop by my place sometime for a visit!!

    Sweet Blessings!

    PS...FYI, I found you on the Blog Frog promo.

  5. What a beautiful photo...I love the details, the muted color and the stunning bride!

  6. fantastic shot! Great colors!


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