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Thursday, September 30, 2010

{Love that Shot} Faces

I found a new link-up that I want to start participating in. Love your Shot Link-Up is a blog hop that allows photographers to share their photos. The link-up is live every Thursday and runs until Monday.  Ordinarily there is no theme, but occasionally there is a guest judge and theme. This weeks theme is “Show Us Your Favorite Faces” and guess who is guest judging?!? You guessed it I Heart Faces!

So today, I’m sharing a photo that I took during a family session this week.  This little cutie stole my heart, and I’m sure she will steal yours too!


This photo was taken with my Nikon D90 at a focal length of 40 mm, F4.2, shutter speed 1/1500, and ISO 320 in raw format. I recently starting shoot with back button focus. It has helped my photography immensely. It helps me keep the focus on my clients face and be able to recompose. I recommend finding out how to do this on your camera.

Seriously head over to Love Your Shot and participate this week. Angie and Amy would be most grateful!



  1. Sooo cute! Look at that precious face. I really love the color pop.

  2. I love this picture...great pose, I love the little pink shoes!

  3. She is the cutest little thing. I love her sneakers and her smile. Sweetness for sure!


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