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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I’m Back!


It has been months since I have shared with you all on a regular basis. There were several reasons behind my absence, but the #1 reason was pregnancy. I have been so nauseous and tired with this baby that I haven’t been able to function.  I have spent most of my days the past 6 months on the couch, and when I wasn’t doing that of course I was taking care of children. Some days it was all I could do to make three meals for the boys.  Hubby has been wonderfully understanding through this whole pregnancy. I am sure he will be happy when I am back to my spunky energetic self, and of course so will I!

So I am sorry dear readers. I am going to try to post at least once per day from here on out. I am feeling much better.  I have a couple more months left before baby’s arrival. Of course upon his arrival there will be a whole new adventure for our family.

What you’ve missed:

My first two trimesters. blah.

We have put an offer on our first home.  It is a short-sale so we are just waiting for the bank to approve our offer.

Hubby is working on his Paramedic.  He will finish up the coursework at the end of May.

Little Fire Chief will be starting Kindergarten in August.

Mr. Moo has started talking up a storm.  I think my favorite word that he tries to say is Garbage. It comes out Garby.  He’s such a sweet little man.


What I’ve missed:

Sharing with you all! Here’s to a bright future of consistent blogging!



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