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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to you Mr. Moo!

DSC_0171Its hard to believe that it’s been 2 years already.  Mr. Moo is such a wonderful little boy.  He is a delight to be around. He has to be the most easy going child ever!  For example, on my birthday last Thursday (yes, April fools 1st) we drove to Sacramento were up way past bedtime and then I drug him all over Arden Fair Mall shopping, then off to rehearsal dinner for the wedding. We only had one incidence of crankiness all day.  He is a trooper and a half.  He rarely gives us trouble.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this beautiful boy.

l_297c72568b16ee30b565be64fe98167f copy He was never this tiny was he?

DSC_1887 copy

DSC_0484  Mr. Moo we love you! You have grown to be a beautifully wonderful toddler. Happy 2nd birthday to you!



  1. He is beyond adorable!! Have a fun filled day!

  2. What a cute little man! :D Happy birthday, little guy!


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