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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brilliant Craftsmanship. . .

. . .Or should I say Brilliant baby? Hubby has been working very hard at constructing some beautiful picnic tables to sell at The Posh Pauper. Today he got started on making the legs for the tables and benches that will go with them. He has the table tops fully constructed. He is making a round one that will be gorgeous when it is finished. I am tempted to keep it for my deck, but I think it would be more profitable to sell it. Here are a few pictures of his progress.

Mr. C decided that he would help today too! Brilliant Baby Craftsmanship! Introducing the future of McFadden Furniture. . .

It was a beautiufl day outside today. We spent almost the entire day in our backyard. Mr. C played on the deck discovering all sorts of new things. We also took a walk to the Tressel at Pudding Creek. Just a great day all around.

It may be too good to be true, but I do believe Spring has sprung! :0)

Happy Saturday everyone!

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