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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scenic Sunday: God's Paintings

I decided that I should join in with the rest of my brothers and sisters in Christ over at Pieces of Miti and start appreciating God's Creations more. They have started something called Scenic Sunday I'll let Michelle explain because she does it so well:
"Sometimes we are so busy with everyday life that we forget to appreciate the beauty that God has placed before us. Scenic Sundays are about stopping and smelling the roses. And while you're smelling those roses, take a picture so that others can share in your appreciation for the beauty of His creation. So pretty please come join us for Scenic Sundays. Maybe we'll see things in a different light. "
So here is my Scenic Sunday entry for today. My husband and I were driving back from Bend Oregon and he happened to catch a few pictures of the sunset while we were driving through Shasta. Beautiful. I believe that sunsets are God's paintings, and sometimes I take them for granted.

God is good!

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  1. I'm so glad you're here enjoying God's beautiful scenery with me and my bloggy friends. You're so right! Sunset's are God's masterpieces in the sky. Very pretty! Hope you come back to visit me on Scenic Sunday or make that ANY day!


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