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Monday, June 21, 2010


My 365 Project starts today.  Along with a photo a day, I will be posting some daily blessings. I think it is important to maintain a good attitude through everything. Finding the tiny daily blessings in each day helps to keep your chin up and remember that God is in control and it is only by His mercy and grace that life exists for each one of us. 


Daily Blessings:

Hubby is home!

Warm weather for boys to play in.

8 hours of sleep (interrupted every 4 hours of course).




  1. hi hun! love the pic!! i SO need to count on my daily blessings, my life has been so rough lately with health issues, sibling rivalry, you name it!! thanks for reminding me to look for a few good things each day!! please email me your address, i have some goodies for you!! (late pay it forward, lol!!)

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