Little Peanut has arrived

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hi everyone. I will be taking a hiatus from blogging for a while. We are due to be induced tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM. I anticipate that we will have Peanut sometime tomorrow afternoon.  I will definitely get on here long enough to post some photos but that will probably be all for a while. I want to make sure that Little Fire Chief and Mr. Moo have lots of time to bond with Peanut and that we have plenty of adjustment period to go around. Plus, Hubby will be home for seven (yes I said 7) weeks and I want to spend as much time with him as possible.  I might participate in an I Heart Faces contest here and there, and may post some photos from time to time, but for now, this is goodbye See Ya Soon!


Over my hiatus I will be working with someone to update my blog and there will be a photography blog added. I am working on building my portfolio and then will set up a legitimate business within the next few months.  I can not wait to see what our futures have in store for us. 

See you soon!



  1. Oh good luck Mama!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of the new little one. I just started following your blog, but I like it already :)

  2. Congrats! Can't wait to read/see the adventures of Peanut.


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