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Monday, June 28, 2010

I Heart Faces: Pets Only

It’s Pets Week over at I Heart Faces, but any old animal will do.  I just love this goose. In the town of Mendocino there is a pond. In that pond there are many geese. This one screams unique to me.  Doesn’t it to you?


Please head on over to I Heart Faces to see all the other beautifully unique animals this week.



  1. Yes, this goose does seem rather unique---I've never seen such a bill. Well done!

  2. Awesome goose.

    I justs started a 365 too. I'm on day eleven. Good luck!

    Marla @

  3. I wonder if it is an injury, or do some really look like that? I wish he could tell us his story! And congratulations to you...the little one is beautiful!


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