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Monday, July 6, 2009

My Story In Photos: Patriotic



Angie and Amy are taken a much deserved break from photo contests over at I heart Faces. In honor of Independence Day, this week they are hosting My Story in Photos: Patriotic version. I didn’t take any Red White and Blue photos over the holiday, however I happen to have a few patriotic ones laying around!

As you know (if you have read this post) I am a firefighter’s wife. Yes, Hubby sacrificially serves our community. He currently works as a Communications Operator (dispatcher) for Cal-Fire.  He also volunteers for Ukiah City Fire Department. Although he isn’t necessarily employed by the Red White and Blue I still find it extremely patriotic that he serves the sick, the helpless, and the weak. It shows a ton of courage to volunteer to run into a burning building to save someone that he doesn’t even know. Most likely this act of courage and strength goes thankless. However he keeps on doing it because he was called. He has a higher calling. God has called us all to serve. Whether we serve as courageously as our members of the Armed Forces, Firefighters, Police Officers or EMS is entirely up to us, however we are called to serve.  So in honor of the men and women who wear a uniform of courage, I give you Hubby’s patriotic story in photos.


This photo was taken by someone else (but edited by me. prior to me meeting my firefighting hubby. I believe it was during training for Turner Fire Department in Oregon.  Where we visited with our children last June (photos to follow).


Yet another photo that was taken prior to me meeting the man. Training with California Department of Forestry Fire Department Cal-Fire.


Nothing cooler than a smoke screen shot (taken by someone else again edited by me).


Hard at work (again not taken by me).


And one last photo of the man I love doing what he loves (not taken by me), not onto our trip to Turner Fire Department, all photos taken by yours truly.



No idea who the turnouts belong to, however I know that whoever wears them, wears them proudly.

okay, I’ll admit it, I took this one. I LOVE Fire Engines!! :0)3197150-R1-046-21A

Mr. A very excited about all the engines in the bay, I think I was just as excited!


Hubby’s friends hard at work, Mr. A was impressed.

Well I hope you liked my patriotic story. I didn’t take any photos for the 4th. It was cold and dreary here. It didn’t make for very fun photos. I hope all of you had a wonderful celebration day! :0) Click on over the I heart Faces and check out everyone else's patriotic stories.

Happy Independence Day!

God Bless the U.S.A!!


  1. I am thankful that your husband does this. I've always thought that firemen were so brave!

  2. A great BIG THANK YOU to your husband and all those who serve our country and her people so courageously!

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing this story.

    My uncle is a fireman and i've always been so proud of him!

  3. These are so good! You must be so proud! Great Photos!!

  4. Thanks for sharing. It's wonderful to get an inside look into the life of a fireman. What a blessing for us all to have men like your husband serve in this way. It is greatly appreciated. BTW, very cool smoke screen shot:)

  5. I liked that you made a tribute to firemen. Nicely done!

  6. This images are fabulous- such a great tribute!! Nicely done! :)


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