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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Fair

Doesn’t everyone love County Fairs? I mean seriously, who doesn’t like Fair Food?


These fries were heaping all the way to the top and they were devoured by none other than Mr. Moo and the Little Fire Chief (hubby helped too *ahem*).


Little Fire Chief loved the lemonade!

DSC_1094_au I think the best part of the evening was trying to get a decent photo of all the boys on the Merry-Go-Round (at dusk no less).

DSC_1147_au and then of course there was games to play and fish to take home.

DSC_1198_aubut not before we went for a ride on the tallest slide ever!

DSC_1126_au  DSC_1129_au DSC_1139_au We went back the next day with Mr. Moo and a few friends. We got to see Pickles the Clown make balloon animals.

DSC_1272_au  Our little friend E asked her to make him a Yellow Poisonous Dart Frog.  She made him the cutest Frog on a Lilly pad.

DSC_1279_au Mr. Moo loved the pigs.

DSC_1283_au He tried some more fair food.

DSC_1267 and even sat up on an old fashioned John Deer.

DSC_1284_au All in all it was a very fun and exciting fair experience.  We can’t wait to go back next year. 


  1. That's so great! It looks like you all a great time!

  2. I love fairs. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

  3. So sweet! I love fairs and seeing all of the animals, and of course the food!


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