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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Paul Bunyan Days Take: One

Last night we headed over the The Friends of the Fort Bragg Library used book sale. Check out what we found!  (you will have to excuse the poor lighting, I took this last night after we got home)


If you remember I told you all about our plans to attend the Paul Bunyan Days celebration in town this weekend.  Mr. A entered in the Kiddy Parade today wearing a very cool outfit, can you guess what he was?


Oh okay, it’s not all that hard to figure out. He was a Fire Chief!  Not only did he enter the Kiddy Parade, but he also won a prize.


That’s right folks, our little Fire Chief won 1st place in the walking category.  It was a very proud moment for both Mr. A and mommy. I threw this idea together in a matter of moments this morning when he said he wanted to be in the parade. Mr. A dressed as a Fire Chief, Mr. C as a Train Conductor (Fort Bragg is home to the infamous Skunk Train), and mommy dressed as herself headed downtown ready for fun. Who knew that this would win first place!?!

That’s not all that happeend though. Mr. A was so hungry after his long walk that he had to have something to eat.


Doesn’t that look yummy? He is going to love me later for this photo. We stopped and had hot dogs and steak sandwiches for lunch.  Then it was off to the Fort Bragg Fire Department Water Fights.

The boys played in the puddles.



While mommy took some fun photos of the event.

Copy of DSC_0576

Copy of DSC_0581

Copy of DSC_0578



There are so many more but I don’t want to bore you all with them. I had a ton of fun not only taking these but post editing them as well. Firefighters had a ton of fun today and so did my kids. Win-Win if you ask me!

Tomorrow we may head over to the Logging Show. We will see how our little ones fair through church. Mr. A has plans to climb a rock wall tomorrow, so there will be photos of that if nothing else.



Happy feet bring joy to my heart! Especially little wet happy feet!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


  1. wonderful photos!! an YAY that A won 1st place; that is GREAT!! i bet you were very proud of that lil cutie!!

  2. Wonderful pictures! I like the one wear your hubby (I am guessing) is holding the little one back by his straps! The Fire Chief was so cute!


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