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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Take Two

Oh what joy a parade brings. I had the pleasure of my children being in the parade with their daddy.


I took the rare opportunity of being a lone to take some photos of the Labor Day Parade. 


The parade is always centered around the Paul Bunyan Days celebration here in our small town.  Lumber Jacks and ox alike come out and join in the fun. This year marked the 70 year anniversary of Paul Bunyan Days so the theme this year was Paul and Babe Celebrate 70 years. 

Every parade I’ve ever been to starts out with Military and firefighter recognition.  Our small town parade is no different.

DSC_0665DSC_0668DSC_0674 The VFW came out and everyone cheered.

DSC_0678 What would a parade be without sirens, flashing lights, and big, red, shiny fire engines?

DSC_0696 There were Belles, Moms, and Marching Bands.

DSC_0703 DSC_0706

DSC_0742  DSC_0713

Our little Fire Chief was in the parade with hubby and Mr. C because he placed first in the Kiddy Parade.


There were football players.


All sorts of animals DSC_0732 Mighty Might Cheerleaders


Shriners Children’s Hospital Clowns

DSC_0826DSC_0825 and Keystone Cops

DSC_0819 This guy gave me a ticket for “looking guilty” and “photography without a permit”! He also handed out a ticket for a free swim in Clearlake.

All around we had a very eventful weekend. After the parade we headed over to my Mother-In-Law’s house in Philo. It was a lot of fun, but that is a whole different post.  I hope your Labor Day weekend was as good as ours.


  1. Your pictures are so clear, and vivid in color! I love the gorilla on the 4 wheeler! I am so glad your whole family is having fun! Have you started youth group yet?

  2. I LOVE parades. I could watch one every day of the year, if possible. I just love the bands and the floats and the together feeling I get when my community comes together...


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