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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boy Toys

Saturday my Hubby and I took our Two Small Children to Ukiah California's Airport. At first glance the little private airport doesn't look like much of anything. A few buildings, some private planes, and some people hanging about. If one was to go exploring however they would find a couple of these: Mr. A was so excited because these are Cal-Fire Tankers part of the Mendocino County Air Attack crew. In Mr. A's words "those are Daddy's planes." We also meandered over to Cal-Star's quarters and managed to catch a glimpse of a one of the choppers taking off. Mr. A was very excited to get to see this. Mr. C stared in awe and learned to make a helicopter sound. Apparently we missed an air show that was going on by an hour or so. I am hoping that we get over there for the next one. it's about an hour and 15 minute drive over there so it's fun when its worth wild for the kids. A trip to Ukiah would not be complete without stopping by the Fire Department and playing on the engines. Evidence below! (notice where the boy decided to put his firefighter in training sticker) We also visited the local playground for children. Mr. A enjoyed climbing the rope bridge and sliding down extremely high slides. Mr. C was happy to slide and play with wood chips as usual. Of course we HAD to go to Home Depot. The boys enjoyed playing in the shopping cart. I think Hubby did too! I will post our trip to Comptche on Father's Day later! <

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