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Friday, June 12, 2009

The {UN}important things. . .

I was over at Mamarazzi's blog Dandelion Wishes reading her latest post as I am a follower. She tagged everyone who read the post and asked that we please list 6 unimportant things that make us happy. so in good sport here it goes! 1. Flip Flops. I love my toes to be wild and free and flip flops make me happy. I have a pair in every color. 2. A Good Book. Quiet time comes when the boys go to bed at 8:00 each evening. Sometimes I read. It's always nice to read when it's a really good book. I recently finished Redemption by Karen Kingsbury with Gary Smalley. What a book! 3. Starbucks! When the going gets tough, I get a cup of Starbucks and start prayin! 4. My Camera. I don't leave the house without it. I don't miss a moment with my children or my hubby. It is all captured in photographs. I know most of you are thinking "gosh that seems pretty important." My theory, I can't take it with me when I die, so It's really not that important.5. Doritos and Cream Cheese. Awww the fattening snack of all time. Yummmo! 6. Pink. I am a happy girl if there is anything pink surrounding me. :0) So there ya have it. I'm a pretty easy girl to please when it comes to the little things. :0) TAG YOU'RE IT!!!!

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  1. I love flip flops so much too!! By the way, what size do you wear?? (shoes that is!!) hehehe :)



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