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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Water Babies

Welcoming summer also brings many water activities. Recently Hubby purchased a slip and slide for Mr. A. He loves the water. He loves to run through sprinklers, play in his kiddie pool, and his new found love is slipping into a puddle of water. Like most boys, once he is wet, he has to get dirty too. He is a muddy mess when we are finished outside. Mr. C is a water baby too. He loves to splash, sit, and float in water. If there is a bucket of water sitting anywhere you can bet his hands are going to be in it. He loves his baths. He has recently started calling all bodies of water "ba" which is his way of saying bath. You can bet we will be spending some time in the water this summer. In fact, we will be playing poolside this coming weekend. We are going to Cupertino, California to be dental patients for Nana while she takes a test for Coronal Polishing. I hope that all of you enjoy the many photos that come with summer activities because there will be many of them! God Bless,

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  1. Oh, my daughter shares that love of the water! (Fortunately, she doesn't hit the dirt afterwards...) The picture of your little one in the bucket is sweet.


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