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Friday, June 26, 2009

Problems with Blogger


Please bear with me all as I am having some issues with my sidebar right now. I initially thought it was pretty cool that I learned to enlarge my photos. Then after I was all done my sidebar stuff ended up at the end of my blog. Not so cool.

Angie’s sister from I Heart Faces is helping me to work out the kinks. She told me about Windows Live Writer which I am using right now. It’s very neat. I think I am going to use it from now on.

The good news is my camera still works! check out the ducks we saw on our walk the other day.


anyway, hopefully this little glitch will be fixed soon. Thanks to I Heart Faces again for helping out.

I ended up fixing the blog myself, but thank you to I Heart Faces non-the-less for all they have taught me.

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