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Monday, June 1, 2009

I Heart Faces: Birthdays

This is by far my favorite Birthday photo. However My step-father, and Mr. A's Papa James F. Mattson DDS took it. I am entering it here today on his behalf. This photo was taken in Disneyland on Mr. A's first birthday. He had just taken his very first drink of fruit punch and I just love everything about this photo. I think the best part is, it documents that I was there in it's own special way. :0) Now head on over to I Heart Faces and check out the celebrations going on over there.


  1. That's cute. It sounds like it holds so many special memories for you.

  2. He is loving the taste of punch! So funny! Great capture.

  3. what a cutie! He is still licking his hips from that fruit punch!

  4. Wow, a Disneyland trip on the 1st birthday?! How on earth do you top that for the 2nd birthday?! :) (And I am humbled by your comment on my blog...if I had you follow me around I would be so scared and intimidated, I doubt I would be able to take a single decent shot! If you are ever in Texas, look me up!)


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