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Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Heart Faces: Silly Face

I had a very hard time coming up for an entry for I Heart Faces this week.  My children are always serious (except when their not) so finding the perfect photo was difficult.  However after hours minutes of searching I came up with a photo that was taken at the carnival last year. Mr. A would not smile while on any of the rides so hubby and I resorted to sticking out our tongues at him (we are never silly). I know that Mr. A isn’t exactly in focus in this photo but I like it just the same and I hope you do too!


I also have a photo for the pets category (just for fun). We recently took a trip to Six Flags: Discovery Kingdom and visited some animals.  Mr. C loved the Penguins and thus the following photo!


I hope that you head over to I Heart Faces to join in on all the silliness! Remember though, we are never silly in this house!


  1. I love the bright colors in the first photo. Carnival ride photos are awesome for this! In the second, you can totally tell how much your son is into watching the penguins. We just went to the Pittsburgh zoo, and my kids favorite parts were looking at different animals underwater.

  2. Oooh! I love the penguin picture. Your boys are just so cute!

  3. Great silly face and I love that penguin shot. :)


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