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Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Story in Photos: Summer

MSIP - Summer

This summer has been filled with a lot of stay-at-home fun.  We haven’t really taken any super exciting vacations anywhere. On Monday we will be taking the boys to Six Flags: Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA. We will see Whales, Dolphins, Lions, Tigers, Birds, and all sorts of other African Animals.  I can not wait for the boys to see all the nifty animals.  So instead of posting photos of a vacation getaway, I am going to show you what we have been up to this summer.

We’ve been doing a little of this:


and a little of that:


We have been playing in the water:

DSC_0291   DSC_0036

We have been going to the park:



We have been checking out Cal-Fire Air Attack planes

Grandpa T made us a rope swing

and we’ve been catching some pretty cool sunsets


Not to mention Mr. C has learned to walk this summer, learned the words “book” and “read”, and has a new bath-time friend. Meet Hermie!



Mr. A has been learning how to write and sound out words.  He is very much into Star Wars right now, but also still enjoys playing outdoors.  He has been having a ton of fun with hubby learning the monkey bars and swinging.



We have been blessed with the opportunity to spend time as a family.  We praise God for healthy children and a love for one another! 

*a side-note* We have been lifting MckMama’s baby Stellan up in our prayers as he has been battling SVT. We are overjoyed that his doctors seem to have found a medication regimen that they believe is going to keep Stellan out of SVT and safe long enough for him to grow to a size that they will be able to perform surgery to correct it. Please join us in Praising God for His good works!

Now please head on over to I Heart Faces and see what everyone has been up to this summer!

God Bless,



  1. These are so cute! Looks like you've had lots of fun this summer :)

  2. What a fun summer you're having. Ours is the same - a little of this and that but sure makes for some wonderful memories.

  3. So sweet! Great photos of a fun summer!

  4. Looks like the perfect summer to me! Who needs to travel when you have local attractions like that?

  5. You have some real cuties there! Great photos!

  6. awesome summer fun - your whole family looks like they are having a blast! i loved the black and white shot! and i'll be praying for baby Stellan :)

    i have my summer shots up if you want to come over and visit for awhile :O)


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