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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can’t Hardly Wait

Have I mentioned that I love fall?  Not only does Little Fire Chief turn 5-years-old in a little over a week, but I just love all the fun things happening during this season. 

Last year we went to the Harvest Festival at Botanical Gardens.  Here are a few photos from then.

DSC_0105Little Fire Chief made a trick-or-treat bag with one of the staff members.

Aiden wearing a thomas costume that someone madeThe Thomas the Train costume he is wearing isn’t actually his. A nice gentleman made it for his grandson and was kind enough to let Little Fire Chief try it on.  Isn’t it fantastic?

DSC_0112He got to choose a pumpkin straight out of the vegetable garden, and then carve it with his Papa.

DSC_0110Mr. Moo even dressed up for the fun!

This weekend is going to be full of fun. We are going back to the Gardens again this year. This time Little Fire Chief will either be dressing as Buzz Light-Year or a Firefighter with Authentic Turnout Gear. Mr. Moo will be wearing a tiger costume this year.

I can’t hardly wait!


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