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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The one he didn’t wear

Last year during Halloween, Little Fire Chief was totally into Wall-E.  I refused to buy a $79.00 costume, so I thought I can make it, yes I can!  I headed over to a friends house with black and yellow spray paint. She supplied the cardboard boxes. 

I started by spraying the outside of a square packing box yellow.


Then I added some silver spray paint to the top flaps and wrote WALL-E on the box.


Then it was time for his treads.


and a control panel.


and voila, WALL-E for less than $10. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of Little Fire Chief in it because he decided after it was all done that he wanted to be a Conductor.  *ahem*

so here’s what he wore Halloween night.

DSC_0171 I bet you can’t guess what he is going to be this year!


  1. That is what happens to me! I spend all this time making things, then my kid decides to wear an old costume instead. ARG! I love the Wally DIY costume. Great job:-) I'm guessing he'll be Thomas??


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