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Monday, October 26, 2009

Take Five

Little Fire Chief’s 5th birthday party was Sunday afternoon. He invited all of his church friends to come enjoy some fun at the Cal-Fire Woodland Station. We anticipated there would be a fire engine there and planned all of our games around it.  However, the engine got called to a fire down in Santa Cruz. Much to my dismay, we had no engine. Which meant, no hose. Which meant, no water.  Mommy was bummed, but the children didn’t even notice.

DSC_0251They climbed stumps, threw balls and played in the woods. They ate barbequed hot dogs and slow cooker Chili. They watched patiently excitedly while Little Fire Chief opened presents!

DSC_0257_au Despite the fact that it took forever because he was so excited over the very first present he opened. Nana and Papa gave him a Monsters Vs. Aliens play set and he couldn’t wait to get it out of the box.


Then, they took turns hitting a Fire Truck Piñata.

DSC_0264_auThey didn’t even notice that there wasn’t a REAL fire engine to be seen.

DSC_0265_auIt’s amazing the pure enjoyment that comes from hitting things with a stick!  Mr. Moo even took a turn.


After hitting the Piñata several times each it was time for Dalmatian Cake and Cupcakes.

DSC_0300_auThis cake was delicious!  We left some in the refrigerator for the firefighters when they return home from Santa Cruz as a thank you for letting us use their station. 


We also had Cupcakes.

DSC_0309_au  These weren’t any ordinary cupcakes, they were stuffed with cream cheese. Yummy!


After cake and a little more tromping through the woods, it was time to say goodbye.


However, We didn’t say goodbye to the fire station without a few photos of Little Fire Chief in his full turnout gear.

DSC_0312_au Thanks Cal-Fire, you made one 5 year old boy very happy on his birthday!



  1. Loving your pictures!
    Happy bday to your little fire chief! :)

  2. That's awesome that you could use the station! What a great bday party, and wonderful memories!


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