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Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday


McKmama is up to it again, asking us all to participate in Not Me Monday!  So here goes nothing.

This week seven loads of folded laundry did not get left in baskets stacked on top of each other instead of putting clothes away where they belong. A good housewife like myself would not do such a thing, no not me!

I most certainly did not make my children eat spaghetti for dinner for three nights in a row because there were left-overs. I am a very good mother and would not do that, nope was not me!

I then did not take embarrassing photos of my children with spaghetti all over their faces, no not me!

Nor did I sweep and mop the floor twice in one day because of allowing my 18 month old to throw his food, I would never allow my children to do such things,  not me!

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