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Thursday, October 29, 2009

You Capture: Fall

Nothing says fall to me better than Pumpkins, apples, birthday parties and costumes!  If you remember from this post we recently went to a harvest festival.  Pumpkins and apples were everywhere!

DSC_0219_au There were these pumpkins donated by Gowan’s Oak Tree in Philo CA. 

DSC_0205_au DSC_0207_au What would you call this, chomping for apples?   It was a super cute game. 

DSC_0208There were Pumpkin faces! 


As you can see, there were plenty of pumpkins to go around.  There were costumes too!


What have you been photographing this week?




  1. Exxxxcellent photos!!! The boys look SO cute in their costumes:)

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!
    It is nice to meet you!
    THESE are beautiful fall pictures!
    I love everything about fall -- pumpkins, leaves, apples, cooler weather -- all wonderful!!!

  3. i love the little tiger in the pumpkin patch! how sweet!

    i didn't post autumn shots. it's almost 90 degrees here during the day and autumn is nowhere to be found :O). please feel free to come on over and visit my blog anyway :).

  4. aw the photos of your kids are adorable! beautiful! did you take them yourself?

    I'm always shooting. today i was driving downtown and saw a church that had a large group of mexican dancers in colourful costumes! I did a u-turn and jumped out and grabbed d300 and shot away....i don't speak good spanish so it was fun!

  5. What absolutely beautiful pictures! So full of bright colors and the boys look great in their costumes. Great job!

  6. I love the photo of your little one marching through the pumpkin patch. Really cute!


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