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Monday, October 5, 2009

I Heart Faces: My Favorite Things

Angie and Amy are taking another well deserved break over at I Heart Faces, so it’s time for another My Story In Photos. This week want photos of everyone's favorite things.  I have a few favorite things up my sleeve.

My very favorite things in the whole wide world are my boys!

DSC_1147_au There is nothing like the love between a father and his sons.

Copy of DSC_0579


Little Fire Chief is our 4 year old (soon to be 5).  He is a happy, well rounded, enthusiastic little man. Along with He and his brother Mr. Moo being my favorite things, I have a few phrases that are my favorite as well.

“Mommy, you look gorgeous!” and “Mommy, When I grow up, I want to be just like my Daddy, and drive a BIG, Red, Shiny Fire Engine!"

DSC_1099 DSC_1444_au

Mr. Moo is  a year old an ALL Boy!  He loves to play in the dirt, get wet, and make a ton of noise.  My favorite time of the day with him is cuddling up on the couch and reading “ooks.” We call him Mr. Moo because he loves food and is ALWAYS hungry.

Copy of McFadden Anniversary Party 2009 014

(photo taken by Mark Anthony of That’s Amore Studios)

It is fitting that I married a Fire Fighter because Fire Engines are kind of my favorite vehicles of all time.

Copy (2) of McFadden Anniversary Party 2009 005 (photo taken by Mark Anthony of That’s Amore Studios)

My grandfather (another one of my favorites) used to take me to the local fire house and say that the engines in the bay were “Van Pelt” Fire Engines. My maiden name is “Van Pelt”  so he used to say that they Engines were made just for me.  Thus, my obsession with Big, Red, Shiny Fire Engines just like my sons and husband.

McFadden Anniversary Party 2009 019 (photo taken by Mark Anthony of That’s Amore Studios)

This lady is my grandmother (moms side). She is an inspiration. She raised 9 children and lived to tell about it. She is the  most loving and non-judgmental person I know. I love her dearly and she loves each one of her 32 grandkids individually for different reasons and we all know it.


My mom is my favorite of all ladies though. She is an amazing woman. She is intelligent, hard working, loving, compassionate, and strong. She has been handed some health issues that are difficult but still has a very good outlook on life.  She is strong in her faithfulness to Jesus Christ.  She is a wonderful Christian woman. I used to say that I Never wanted to be like my mother, but the older I get, the more I hope that one day I will be just like her.

One of my favorite things is photographing people. *I especially love photopgrahing my children*

DSC_1273_auCopy of DSC_0606   I love bright vivid colors.

DSC_0604 And party planning.

DSC_0283 DSC_0282

My favorite thing to photograph is FEET!



And Hands DSC_1447_au DSC_1033_au

but my most favorite thing in the whole wide world, is my hubby!

McFadden Anniversary Party 2009 009

McFadden Anniversary Party 2009 004  (photo taken and edited by Mark Anthony of That’s Amore Studios)

We have so much fun together. We can’t even take a serious photo when a photographer asks us to.  *ahem*

Did I mention Pink is my favorite color?

What are some of your favorite things? Head on over to I Heart Faces and show us all!



  1. I have two boys, too! And I ditto the commentary on that first photo. I love seeing my boys play with their dad.

    Please give your hubby a huge, friendly hug from me for being one of our CA heroes! And wish him luck this fire season. I'm praying it's an uneventful one.

  2. Great shots there. Your boys are so cute! Kudos to your hubby for being such a hero in what he does. :)

  3. A precious list of favorites, filled with beautiful images!

  4. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog! love your photos, all the details and the colors! oh, I have a soccer player too!

  5. You have such a beautiful family! The last photo projects genuine happiness with and love for each other. =)

  6. So much joy and love in your pics! Makes my smile and fell all warm inside. :)


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