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Friday, October 23, 2009

GMYBS: a whole week


It has been a whole week. I have not picked up my camera once except to take a photo of good mail! That's a record for me. I always have my camera in my hand. Maybe there is something wrong with me! I should check my temperature or something! 

Although I did not pick up my camera all week, I do have a photo to share for Give Me Your Best Shot over at Better in Bulk.  I know I am supposed to submit a photo that I took this week, but you’re going to have to be satisfied with a oldie but goodie week old photo!

DSC_0174_au  Little Fire Chief has his last game on Halloween.  It’s kind of sad really.  I wont miss racing out the door at 9 AM for early morning games.  I will miss the fun he has though.

DSC_0187_au I will miss the fun we have watching him. I will miss chasing Mr. Moo around the field while he plays in the dirt.

DSC_0185_au I will miss practice on Wednesday evenings. Oh well, guess it is time to sign him up for swimming lessons.

Are you particularly proud of photos you shot this week, head over to Better in Bulk and share them with us.

I am also participating in Cowboys Excellent Adventure Friday over at When a Duet Becomes a Trio today.  


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  1. Thank you Mrs. McFadden for mentioning the excellent adventure. What a precious blog you have.


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