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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sunday afternoon (after Sunday Morning Service) the boys and I loaded up the car and headed to Philo CA.   Little Fire Chief has been asking about carving pumpkins since I put out my fall decorations.  Hubby and I decided it was time to go to Gowan’s Oak Tree and pick some pumpkins.

When we arrived at Gowan’s this is what we found waiting at the pick up station for the tractor ride.



Of course, Mr.  Moo could not resist a chance to sort objects!

DSC_0139_auDSC_0141_auWe could of stayed there all day and it would not have bothered Mr. Moo one bit.

DSC_0142_au   However, we said goodbye to the decorative pumpkins and boarded our chariot tractor!

DSC_0147_auAs you can see, Mr. moo did not want to leave.  However, his brother had other plans.

DSC_0148_au  no looking back now!

DSC_0154_au After a five minute tractor ride through the back country of Gowan’s Apple Orchard we arrived at The Pumpkin Patch.

DSC_0157_au To the naked eye this doesn’t look like much but it was a wonderland to Mr. Moo and Little Fire Chief.

DSC_0158_au DSC_0159_au Little Fire Chief had lots of fun jumping pumpkins this year.

DSC_0162_au While Mr. Moo just wondered. . .

DSC_0161_au why we couldn’t just stay and sort decorative pumpkins all day.

DSC_0170_auand in the end, mommy still couldn’t get a decent photo of the boys together for a harvest card. Maybe next year.



  1. I thought the last picture was a good one! So cute, how much fun!

  2. amazing pics!!! the boys are too cute and it looks like you all had a great time:)

  3. SO cute! The boys look like they had a lot of fun!


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